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Board of Trustees 2018

Chairman Mohan Aswathnarayan
Vice Chairman Giridhar Malavalli
BoT Member Anand Ramamurthy
BoT Member Padmanabha Melanahalli
BoT Member, President Rajendra Hegde

Board of Trustees 2017

Chairman Naren Kunhody
Vice Chairman Mohan Ashwathnarayan
BoT Member Gururaj Tarikere
BoT Member Anand Ramamurthy
BoT Member, President Siddu Rati

Meeting minutes

Meeting date: Jan 14th 2017
Meeting time: 11:27 AM - 11:45AM
Venue: Cisco Building
Attendees: Naren Kunhody, Anand Ramamurthy, Mohan Aswathnarayan & Gururaj Tharikere
Absentees: Sidhu Rati

  • Welcome all the new BoT ( Mohan Aswathnarayan & Anand Ramamurthy ). Siddu Rati will join from the next meeting.
  • Mohan Aswathnarayan elected as BoT  Vice Chair , Anand Ramaurthy elected as BoT Member & Siddu Rati elected as President and BoT Member.
  • Resolution was passed to include BoT Chair ( Naren Kunhody ) & BoT Vice Chair ( Mohan Aswathnarayan ) on all the accounts ( Wells fargo and Ameritrade ).

KKNC Endowment Policy

KKNC Endowment Policy

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