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Membership Information - 2024

Membership registration for the year 2024 is open for all Kannadigas (and to anyone interested in language, culture, tradition and heritage of Karnataka State and Kannada language) in Northern California.

Membership details:

Please provide as much information like First Name, Last Name, Phone, E-mail address, Spouse details for the membership.

Membership Annual Dues Pay Pal
Family $75 Family
Individual $40 Individual.

Most banks provide a free service to send a check free of cost. One can also write a check in the traditional method and mail it to KKNC treasurer.

Bank Bill Pay / Check

Payable to Kannada Koota of Northern California
Email Address

Email to [email protected]

Member details Download Form.
Please attach this with the check

For any queries regarding the memberships/payments please contact [email protected]

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