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KKNC, established in 1973, is a 501 3c recognized non-profit community association, representing the people from the Indian state of Karnataka (home to India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore) in Northern California. More than a thousand families in the bay area make KKNC a strong community. Our members include successful engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs in small and big businesses. KKNC actively seeks sponsors to promote their services and products to KKNC’s member families.

KKNC's mission is to strengthen the Kannada and Indian community of Northern California by providing a forum to pursue literary, cultural, and educational community development and charity/service activities. KKNC is a purely volunteer run organization primarily funded by membership fees and donations from patrons, members and corporations. In turn, KKNC donates to several non-profit organizations in and outside of USA and helps them with fund-raisers as well.

KKNC’s dedicated committee is available to work with our sponsors to tailor a marketing campaign that suits their individual business needs. We would like to invite our sponsors to take part in KKNC’s non-profit community activities. Here are the ways of promoting and marketing with KKNC.

1. Event participation and Sponsoring -- You could sponsor the cost (or part of the cost) of the event; you could display your banner in the lobby or inside the event hall; you could hand out discount coupons or special coupons or souvenirs at the event; etc. In case you (or your representative) can't be here, we could do other promotions such as putting up banners and placing your materials at strategic places.

2. KKNC's annual magazine ads -- you could have a nice big ad in our annual magazine that has both color and b/w photos and articles that our members keep for the entire year and in most cases, for several years.

3. Web-ads on KKNC home page -- you could place ads on our website -- your logo can be placed on our website with links to your home page or specials page. This would give you 24/7 coverage.

4. Ad in mass-email to KKNC members -- this is another effective means of reaching our members .. KKNC sends periodic (about 2-3 email blasts per month) with updates to members and other special information pieces. We have option to include your ad in there.

To promote visibility for non-profit organizations (501(c) 3)

For more information and to start a robust campaign that will reach thousands of Kannadigas in the bay area and beyond, please contact our marketing team at [email protected]

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