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A series of mouth watering recipes brought to you exclusively by KKNC, featuring star chef Vittal Shetty

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Vittal Shetty is a professional & innovative chef with more than 12+years of international experience with noted establishments such as Amber India restaurant in California, Raffles hotel in Singapore, the Oberoi New Delhi & other Oberoi hotels in India, Rajvilas in Jaipur, Windsor Manor hotel, the Central Park hotel Bangalore, India.

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Chef Vittal Shetty obtained his bachelors degree in hotel management from Bangalore university, after which he graduated from O.C.L.D, one of the best culinary schools in India. Starting career as a chef in Oberoi hotels one of the reputed hotel chains in India, he practiced details of the great Indian cuisines by working along side great chefs of the cuisine. He also trained & worked in large banqueting, french, pastry & gardemanger kitchens. He left the Oberoi to join Singapore’s prestigious Raffles hotel, working in their 110-year-old Indian restaurant “Tiffin Room,”.

Vittal is currently executive chef of Amber India restaurant in Santana row Sanjose. The restaurant opened in November 2003 and has been recognized as one of the best Indian restaurants, for its innovative menu that showcases fresh local produce, cooked in an age old traditional style with a Californian out look.

He believes in adding finesse & panache to a cuisine by marrying traditional & authentic cooking techniques following modern day trends & experimenting with new versions of contemporary styles.

Since Amber India opened its location in urban Santana row, it has come to represent nouvelle trends in modern Indian cuisine. Vittal with his innovative approach has changed the misconception about Indian food by introducing regional cuisines, forgotten recipes, home style curries, kebabs & much more.

His work has been recognized & featured in local media; his articles & recipes are featured in local print. He was featured in CBS’s “Eye on the bay” & was invited to New York to cook his spicy chicken curry “Americas hot food segment” in ABC’s “The View” and did a recipe in CBS 5’s “The view from the bay”. Two of widely circulated magazines Indian Express & Discover India magazines also featured his reviews recently.

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Our star cook, Mr. Vitta Shetty is on a vacation in India. Until he returns, the stoves in Kasturi Kitchen will be turned off.

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