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Karnataka Bhavana

We made an announcement in "Matte Bantu Yugadi" about Karnataka Bhavana and followed up with a Successful fundraising event  "Sangeeta Sanje", which was very well received by everyone. 

We are proceeding with Karnataka Bhavana Initiative, which would help many Kannada/Karnataka based organizations and leverage the facilities, when it becomes a reality. This is going to be a multi-year initiative with a lot of emphasis on fundraising activities for Karnataka Bhavana.  Following are the current proposal and we'll provide more details in General Body Meeting at Deepotsava to be held on Dec 2, 2012 at Spangenberg Theater in Palo Alto, CA.

  • We would plan to manage a separate fund for Karnataka Bhavana
  • Form a Committee focussing on planning and conducting Fundraising activities

If you have any questions please contact us. Please look for more updates on KKNC News Letter, as we make progress.


~KKNC BOT 2012



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